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Maintenance method of bagging machine for edible fungus cultivation equipment

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Maintenance method of bagging machine for edible fungus cultivation equipment

Release date:2016-08-04 Author: Click:

Edible fungi machinery in our life is constantly developing, and with the continuous improvement of our technology, the development of edible fungi machinery is constantly changing. Therefore, in the process of understanding and using mushroom machinery, we must have a better understanding of their knowledge and understanding.

Bagging machine is an important equipment in our daily life, in order to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life, from the production and use of bagging machine, maintenance and maintenance work is particularly important.

When the machine is not working, it should be turned on frequently to check whether the machine is working properly; inoculation equipment, automatic nesting machine, edible fungi cultivation equipment in the regular operation of the parts added lubricant and so on. In addition, a strict assessment system should also be established for production personnel. The production staff includes the following: pre-shift inspection, cleaning, cleaning, lubrication, tightening, corrosion protection, and shift, as well as equipment records. Formulate maintenance standards, let everyone have rules to follow, so as to ensure the normal work and life of the bottle washing machine, bagging machine to create the greatest value.

From our introduction above, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the maintenance and maintenance methods of edible fungi machinery, I believe that this can also very well help our production and processing of edible fungi, so as to better use.

Edible fungus is a very common food in our life, and the edible fungus itself also has a high nutritional value. So with the increasing demand for edible fungi and production quality requirements are also constantly improving.

Before inoculation, the room will be clean, the inoculation equipment, automatic litter machine, edible fungi cultivation equipment to keep dry, sterilized articles, tools, work clothes, etc. into the inoculation room, then turn on the ultraviolet lamp Zhao and 30 minutes, and then use sterilization liquid to indoor corners and space spray dust, thoroughly remove the hidden dangers of germs. As for the ionic air inoculator on the worktable, the operator needs to take a good mask, medical gloves, wear a good work clothes, hands with 75% alcohol disinfection, inoculation tools need to be lightly burned on the alcohol lamp flame. After power on, the current indicator does not move, indicating that the electric ring is not connected. Mainly check whether the contact between power plug and socket is good. If the indicator is not lighted, check whether the fuse is blown. No "squeak" or no cool wind in front of the machine when it is working proves that the machine is malfunctioning and can not be inoculated. Doors and windows should be closed when inoculated, and indoor smoking and drinking should be strictly prohibited.

Edible mushroom machinery is very common in the production and processing of edible fungi in the process of a product, so we must use the process of their related product performance and use of methods to better understand and understand, and in our future use process can bring greater convenience.

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