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Edible fungus cultivation equipment and articles?

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Edible fungus cultivation equipment and articles?

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The production of edible fungi is the first link in the production of edible fungi, but also a very important link, the edible fungi factory has full-time edible fungi seed production technicians, the production of fungi is a very common work. But for ordinary growers, especially those who have just come into contact with edible fungi, it is difficult to produce strains. Inoculation equipment. Automatic nest machine. Edible fungus cultivation equipment.


1, 280 portable high pressure sterilizer

For the sterilization of parent culture medium, generally 200-300 test tubes can be sterilized at a time, 280 hand-held high-pressure sterilization pot coal and electricity dual-purpose, the price of the ordinary model is about 400 yuan, the price of automatic temperature control is higher.

2. Inoculation box

The inoculation boxes are usually made by woodworkers themselves, including hundreds of dollars for carpentry hours.

3, 50L above autoclave, or homemade small autoclave.

For the sterilization of original and cultivated species, the price of the high-pressure sterilization pot above 50L is about 3000 yuan. The cultivators can make their own atmospheric pressure sterilization pot. Many years ago, mushrooms were used in gasoline barrels. The bottom of the pot is fired. The sterilization effect is very good. The pot can be sterilized 150-200 bottles at a time, reaching 100 C, and keep for 10 hours.


1. Test tube

The common specifications of the container for the mother seed are: 18mm *180mm and 20mm *200mm, each for a few cents. It is available in the local chemical laboratory equipment store.

2. Silicone plug or cotton.

Silica gel plugs are available at local chemical laboratory equipment stores for sealing parent test tubes and purchased in accordance with test tube specifications. If there is no silicone plug can also be made of cotton plug, must use ordinary cotton, can not use degreased cotton.

3, chemicals

Agar strips, glucose, magnesium sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, peptone, alcohol, etc. are used to make mother PDA medium. Agar strips are sold in food additives stores, and other drugs are sold in local chemical laboratory reagent stores. Purchase chemically pure ones.

4, alcohol lamp

Flame disinfection and protection of inoculation tools for mother-to-child transfer and inoculation of original and cultivated seeds are available at local chemical laboratory equipment stores.

5. Absorbent cotton

Used for making surface sterilized alcohol cotton balls, local chemistry laboratory reagent store.

6. Vaccination tools

Tools for transferring mother seeds, original species and cultivated species can be produced by white steel electrodes.

7. Canned bottles, strain bottles, drop bottles, folding bags.

For making containers for the original and cultivated species, the original species must use canned bottles, strain bottles and drip bottles. In addition to this kind, the cultivated species can also use folded-angle bags, specifications of 15cm 65

In addition to the above-mentioned main equipment and articles, but also need: rubber band, thermometer (measuring range is 100 degrees Celsius, mercury), gauze, sealing film, gypsum, lime, a wide range of pH test paper.

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