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Edible fungus cultivation equipment company introduces the knowledge of edible fungi in delaying senility.

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Edible fungus cultivation equipment company introduces the knowledge of edible fungi in delaying senility.

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We are dazzled by the number of health products on the market that prolong life. Many health products are not necessarily suitable for people at every stage, but we still want to eat healthier and more delicious. Therefore, food supplement is more effective than health products. Next, I would like to introduce the benefits of edible fungi to us.

Edible fungi have unique flavor, rich nutrition, delicious taste, praised as "the peak of plant food" since ancient times, as a royal tribute, court delicacies. It contains high protein, low fat, cellulose has the characteristics of disease prevention and resistance, and contains essential amino acids, inoculation equipment, automatic nesting machine, edible fungi cultivation equipment. Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides. It also contains 8 essential amino acids, such as leucine, lysine, threonine and methionine, which are deficient in common vegetables. It has four major health care functions: (1) can reduce cholesterol; (2) enhance immune function; (3) inhibit tumor; (4) has anti-aging function. Most mushrooms have more polysaccharides and protein than vegetables and fruits. If the protein content of fresh mushroom is 8.5%, and radish is only 0.6%, Chinese cabbage is 1.1%, 2 kg fresh mushroom can have the same nutritional value as 1 kg beef, and low fat is 2%, only 1/16 of pork.

Mushrooms also contain a large number of carbohydrates, cellulose, and carbohydrates, rich in multi-vitamins, a person eat 100 grams of fresh mushrooms every day to meet the needs of vitamins, you can get 0.58 grams of riboflavin, 0.52 mg of nicotinic acid, 0.17 mg thiamine and so on. Therefore, the elderly often eat mushrooms can enhance the body's resistance, play a disease prevention and health care longevity function. If protein supply is insufficient in the elderly over 50 years old, hair loss nail breakage, muscle relaxation, skin wrinkles increase, often eat mushrooms and other mushrooms can be energetic. The daily calcium requirement for the elderly is 800 mg, iron is more than 10 mg, edible fungi in the mushroom ear vitamin D content is high, can eat 200 grams a day to meet calcium needs, prevent osteoporosis and have a sedative effect on nerves. For patients with prostate hypertrophy, diabetes, hepatitis, gastropathy and other diseases, often eat some mushrooms, have a better effect and prevention.

Aging is a natural rule, but we usually eat more mushrooms can delay our life span, this is not a happy thing?

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