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Edible fungus cultivation equipment manufacturers to bring you to know the main points of fertilizer application.

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Edible fungus cultivation equipment manufacturers to bring you to know the main points of fertilizer application.

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The development of edible fungus machinery has brought great convenience to the production and processing of edible fungus industry. In the process of producing and processing edible fungi, we must understand the relevant characteristics of products and professional knowledge so as to better tail the development of our industry to bring a variety of help. So today we will briefly introduce some of the simple introduction of edible fungi fertilization.

In the later stage of mushroom production, mushroom farmers usually add nutrient solution to enhance the yield. However, only by adding nutrient solution in the right way can the desired purpose be achieved, otherwise it is counterproductive and brings losses to the producers. The time of spraying nutrient solution is suitable when a large number of fruiting bodies appear. When spraying, attention should be paid to the nozzle not facing the fruiting body, but also to the "four not spraying": young mushroom buds do not spray, in order to avoid its "swollen death"; just picked mushrooms or mushroom residues do not spray, so as not to cause bacterial diseases; air humidity is too high when not spray; mushroom shed (room) when serious pests and diseases do not spray.

Soaking method should be used for bagging edible mushrooms. After harvesting 1-2 stubble mushrooms, if the cultivation bags are seriously water-deficient, they can be placed in the prepared nutrient solution soaked until they recover or close to the original weight. The cultivation equipment of edible fungi only needs to press the heavy substance after the bags are immersed in the nutrient solution, but the soaking time can not be too long, if the bags lose too much water, they can be soaked several times. Point filling method is mainly used in the fungus bed, when the fungus bed mushroom more, water and nutrient consumption is too large can be used this method. Specific method is: the fungus bed according to 10 cm hole spacing drilling, to the fungus bed sprinkled with prepared nutrient solution, added nutrient solution after covering the soil.

Concentration should be appropriate: too high concentration of nutrient solution, not only difficult to absorb the mycelium, but also hinder or even damage the mycelium; too low concentration, the effect is not obvious, can not achieve the purpose of high yield. The concentration of nutrient solution depends on the water content of the culture medium. If the water content of the culture medium is high, the concentration of nutrient solution should be increased, water consumption should be reduced, and the ventilation rate should be increased after adding nutrient solution. Conversely, the concentration of nutrient solution should be reduced and water consumption increased. The nutrients in the nutrient solution should be comprehensive: several nutrient solutions should be used alternately frequently, so that the nutrients obtained by the fruiting bodies are comprehensive and reasonable. If hormones are used to stimulate the growth of edible fungi, they should be used after supplementing the nutrient solution.

The correct way to fertilize edible fungi can certainly help our development of the edible fungi industry, so I believe that our introduction today can also better help us in the future edible fungi industry to bring more help in this respect.

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