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Vaccination equipment manufacturer tells you how to prevent bacteria from aging.

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Vaccination equipment manufacturer tells you how to prevent bacteria from aging.

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The management of edible fungi is a major task, to prevent the aging of fungi is only one of them, the following simple for everyone to analyze some of the measures to prevent the aging of edible fungi.

1, ensure the pure culture of strain. No strains contaminated by miscellaneous fungi should be mixed or cultured in close proximity with different strains of the same edible fungi.

2, strictly control the number of strains passed down, reduce mechanical damage, ensure the vitality of bacteria.

3. Proper preservation of bacteria at low temperature. Low-temperature strains (such as mushrooms, Lentinus edodes, etc.) were preserved at 4 C, and high-temperature strains (such as straw mushrooms) at 16 C, which was beneficial to the preservation of mycelial viability.

4. Avoiding multiple passages in a single medium and following a reasonable generation, mother, original and production of different types of media, is conducive to improving the vitality of strains and maintaining good properties.

5. The strains should not be used for too long. Over-aged strains will be aging, and aging and degradation are organic, weak viability strains are easy to degenerate.

6. The strains should be rejuvenated regularly under the conditions of suitable temperature, suitable pH, sufficient oxygen, appropriate diffuse light, and no impurity culture.

7. Spore isolation is carried out every year to discover good strains by sexual reproduction and to consolidate the genetic characteristics of good strains by tissue isolation.

Edible mushroom is a kind of fungus food with high nutritional value. Reasonable management of edible mushroom can effectively improve its yield. Inoculation equipment, automatic nesting machine, edible fungi cultivation equipment, so we need better fertilization in the late planting period.

During the mushroom vigorous period and the later period of mushroom emergence, the nutrients in the culture material were exhausted. Applying fertilizer in time during this period could significantly improve the yield and quality of edible fungi.

* the waste soil fertilizer will dry pig and cow dung to be crushed, and the lime water supernatant will be pre wetted for 15 days, add 50% of fat sludge and a small amount of grass ash to mix well. When the yield of edible fungi decreases rapidly or the dead mushrooms appear, clean up the bed, remove the old roots, and apply the manure to the bed.

Herbage juice with rotten dried grass, add 100 times water decoction juice, cooling after spraying, can make edible fungi grow strong.

Add 10 times of water to cottonseed juice and add 3 times of water after cooling.

Take 10 kilograms of non-mildewed soybean (4660, -12.00, -0.26%) and wash it out. Add 50-60 kilograms of water after soaking, sift the soup after boiling, add water to 200 kilograms of spraying; Chop 10 kilograms of carrots, add 15 kilograms of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter the juice, add 3 times water to make 25% carrot juice spray; Spray in 100 kilograms of water. After adding 1 kg of solid glucose, 1% of the glucose solution was dissolved and then directly sprayed.

The mushroom root soup takes the mushroom root 5-10 kg, Xian Jing, adds the water 10-15 kg, boils 15 minutes, takes the clear liquid to add the water 50 kg, mixes evenly sprays, may promote the mushroom bud growth.

The top dressing liquid is about 0.5 kg per square metre.

Reasonable disposition of fertilizers can promote his growth and cultivation more efficiently and increase his nutritional value.

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