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Vaccination equipment manufacturers tell you how to remove Flammulina velutipes.

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Vaccination equipment manufacturers tell you how to remove Flammulina velutipes.

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Flammulina velutipes also grows plaque? Flammulina velutipes'spots are different from those of human body. Flammulina velutipes' spots refer to some bacteria growing on the surface of Flammulina velutipes. Flammulina velutipes'common spots are mainly black spots and rust spots.

Black spot is a bacterial disease caused by Pseudomonas. After the onset of Flammulina velutipes fungal cap appeared elliptical brown or dark brown spots, initially needle-shaped, enlarged diameter up to 2-4 mm, the edge is neat, sometimes the fungal cap cracked.

Control method: the key is to control proper temperature and humidity. When sprinkling the mushroom house, do not sprinkle water directly on the fruiting bodies of the Flammulina velutipes, and stop spraying with cold water. The humidity in the mushroom room should not exceed 90% for a long time, depending on the weather change, sprinkle light, diligent and fine on sunny days, and sprinkle less or no water on cloudy and rainy days. After each watering, strengthen ventilation first and then cover the plastic film. Indoor temperature should be adjusted to 17 degrees Celsius during the period of mushroom production. Remove the diseased mushrooms and spray 100-200 units of streptomycin or bleaching powder 600 times per milliliter.

Two. Rust spot: disease caused by Pseudomonas. Flammulina velutipes are mainly infected with the fungus cap, which is needle-shaped at first, then enlarged to sesame size. Although the edges are irregular, the plaques can be combined into irregular rust spots.

Prevention and control methods: In order to prevent the occurrence of rust spot, do not directly sprinkle water on the fruiting body of mushroom room, sprinkle water should be timely ventilated, indoor air relative humidity should not exceed 95% for a long time, bacteria bags covered with plastic film when the fruiting body water drying. Initially, the disease should be prevented from spreading to healthy fruiting bodies and sprayed with 50% carbendazim 800-fold solution or agricultural streptomycin containing 100-200 units per milliliter.

Drug prophylaxis 1. Add Phoxim and other medicines when mixing, the dosage is generally about 100 ml per 1000 kg of dry material, raw material can be added with the mix when cultivating, fermentation material cultivation of the best medication time for the last turn before adding, after high temperature and stuffy pile, insecticidal effect is very good. 2. Within a certain distance outside the shed, after cleaning up the waste, we can use highly effective insecticides such as trichlorfon to kill insects and cut off the path of insects. 3. Use cypermethrin high-efficiency and low-residue medicines to spray outside the shed and the ventilation outlet and inlet and outlet of the shed to prevent reptiles from entering the shed. 4. In mushroom shed, cypermethrin and other medicines can be sprayed to kill insects, avermectin can be used to kill mites, mushroom mosquitoes, mushroom flies pests, conditional use of high-efficiency repellent insecticides, the mechanism of action of the drug is: the use of mushroom mosquitoes, inoculation equipment, automatic nesting machine, edible mushroom cultivation equipment mushroom flies adults do not like drugs The adults dare not enter the shelter and can not feed to lay eggs. When the adults are repelled, the harmful larvae can not be exploited. The odor can make mushrooms, mosquitoes and flies hide in fear, even if there are occasional insects into the shed, but also because of the odor and quickly flee, can not form harm.

When there are living insects or eggs in the insecticidal bacteria, the bacteria can be packed into large plastic bags (wide double-layer plastic film, one end is ready to pierce), according to the amount of 4 tablets per cubic meter of space into aluminum phosphide, about 6 hours can be unpacked and used.

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