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Mushroom production line equipment manufacturers bring new technology of Auricularia auricula cultivation

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Mushroom production line equipment manufacturers bring new technology of Auricularia auricula cultivation

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Auricularia auricula is very popular with consumers because of its unique taste and nutritional value. Auricularia auricula is a traditional export commodity in China. It has a good development prospect. It is in short supply both at home and abroad. Auricularia auricula is a kind of edible fungus with crisp texture, delicate taste and rich nutrition. It is mainly produced in Heilongjiang area. In the past, it was mainly cultivated with segmental wood. However, it has a long production cycle, low yield and low economic benefit. In recent years, the cultivation effect of imitating bag mushroom is good. On the basis of careful study and summary of cultivation techniques in Heilongjiang Province, we planted Pleurotus ostreatus southward in combination with the climate in the south of China and adopted the new technique of hanging bag cultivation in plastic greenhouse with bag materials. This year we have achieved success. The main features are: low cost, short cycle, quick effect, high yield, good economic benefits, it is indeed a good way to get rid of poverty in Southern Rural areas.

Choosing the best strain is the key to get fast-growing, high-yielding and high-quality. Heilongjiang Heier No. 1 strain was selected from the cultivation experiment. The mycelial production temperature was between 5-32 C, 23-27 C was the best, and the fruiting body could grow at 10-27 C, but 15-20 C was the best. It has early ear, fast opening, good shape, thick and lustrous black meat, strong resistance, good quality, high and stable yield.

The quality of the strain is determined according to the equipment of the bacterial package production line. The quality and quality of Pleurotus ostreatus should have the following characteristics: thick and white hyphae, uniform and strong growth, villous, wall-climbing phenomenon, a small number of coral-shaped mushroom buds appear on the surface of the medium, the age of 20-25 days is appropriate, the fungus species cross-sectional hyphae obvious, obvious mushroom fragrance. A large number of fruiting body primordia appear on the surface of the medium, indicating that the strain has matured and should be used as soon as possible.

Before introduction, it is necessary to know the temperature type of the strain, and then determine the temperature type of the strain according to its own conditions and mushroom temperature. In order to ensure that mushrooms can grow normally during the period of high temperature and low temperature, the selected strains should be able to bear both high temperature and low temperature. From mid-August to mid-September, Pleurotus ostreatus was cultivated with Jiangdu 109 and Huafeng 1; from late September to mid-October, Pleurotus ostreatus was cultivated with 9703 and P50; from late October to late November, Pleurotus ostreatus was cultivated with Heiping Wang and 8801. If the temperature type of the selected strain is improper, it is not suitable for autumn cultivation. In addition, strains should be selected according to local natural resources. At present, the main raw materials for cultivating Pleurotus ostreatus are cottonseed shell and corn (2333, 4.00, 0.17%) heart. Different varieties have different ability to decompose the culture medium, so the suitable strains should be selected.

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