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The importance of lime is introduced by equipment manufacturers.

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The importance of lime is introduced by equipment manufacturers.

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The harvesting yield of edible fungi can be effectively improved by suitable growth environment, better nutrient proportion and culture medium, and reducing the interference of other harmful substances such as fungi. Lime plays an important role in the growth process of edible fungi, but many friends do not understand, lime seems to have no inevitable relationship with edible fungi, Neihuang Changxing Biology is a professional manufacturer of edible fungi machinery, today to introduce to your friends the use of lime in edible fungi cultivation.

1. Application on site

The bacteria culture room, the mushroom farm and the surrounding environment can be sterilized with lime. Firstly, weeds around the site were cleared, a layer of lime powder was sprayed, and then the incubation room was cleaned, conventional insecticides were sprayed, and then a layer of lime powder was sprayed. This can kill some of the bacteria, reduce bacterial contamination, but also to prevent insects such as slugs from invading the site.

Two. Application of culture medium

Most of the edible fungi can grow normally in the slightly alkaline medium. In addition to the acidophilic fungi such as Hericium erinaceus, adding 1% - 2% lime into the medium can basically control the contamination of the mixed fungi in the raw material cultivation. PH value is generally below 5-6, suitable for all kinds of hybrids breeding bacteria package production line equipment, raw material grinding equipment, bacteria package sterilization, easy to cause sudden contamination of bacteria, and adding lime culture material is alkaline, after fermentation can maintain PH value about 8, it is difficult for the growth of bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling bacteria. In addition, because lime contains a lot of calcium, the mycelium after use is strong and white, and at the same time, it can enhance the solidity of the bacterial clots and increase the yield.

Three. Application of rodent control

Because of the special fragrance of the hyphae, mice are very fond of eating, if the drug on the basis of the use of lime, with twice the effect of half the effort, in the germ chamber entrance and exit, a row of lime powder, mice will be inhaled lime and stop.

It seems that lime plays an important role in the growth process of edible fungi. We hope that through the description of the short series, we have a new understanding of the cultivation of edible fungi, and in the future cultivation of edible fungi can effectively create a suitable growth environment for fungi and improve the yield of edible fungi. Neihuang Changxing machinery produces all kinds of edible fungus machinery, like edible fungus bagging machine, edible fungus inoculating machine.

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