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Bacteria bag production line equipment factory introduces the method of identifying poisonous mushrooms.

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Bacteria bag production line equipment factory introduces the method of identifying poisonous mushrooms.

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Mushroom is one of the edible fungi. There are many kinds of mushrooms. There are hundreds of kinds of mushrooms that can be used by human beings. There are more mushrooms that can not be used by human beings. These mushrooms are toxic and pose a threat to human health. Many people do not have a way to distinguish poisonous mushrooms, we will summarize a few common forms of poisonous mushrooms and identification methods.

Look at the growth zone. Edible non-toxic mushrooms often grow in clean grasslands or pine or oak trees, toxic mushrooms often grow in dark, damp and dirty areas.

Two look at the color. Toxic mushroom mushroom surface color bright, red, green, black, cyan and other colors, especially the purple is often highly toxic, easy to change color after picking.

Three look at the shape. The cap of non-toxic mushroom is flat, the umbrella surface is smooth, there is no wheel on the surface of mushroom, and the bottom is aseptic receptacle. The central part of the toxic cap is convex, the shape is strange, the fungus surface is thick and hard, the fungus stalk has a fungus wheel, and the receptacle stalk is slender or thick and long, so it is easy to break.

Four look at the secretions. The picked fresh mushrooms are torn off the fungus stalks, the bacteria bag production line equipment. The raw material crushing equipment. Bacteria bag sterilization. The non-toxic secretions are as clear as water (some are white), and the fungus surface is torn and colorless; the toxic secretions are thick and reddish-brown, and easily discoloured in the air after tearing.

Five smell. Non poisonous mushrooms have special scent, poisonous mushrooms have peculiar smell, such as spicy, sour, bad smell and so on.

The six is testing. When picking wild mushrooms, you can use scallions on the mushroom cover rubbed, if the scallions turn Turquoise brown, prove toxic, otherwise non-toxic color.

The seven is boiling test. When boiling wild mushrooms, put a few rushes, a little garlic or rice with boiling, mushrooms cooked, rushes into turquoise green or purple green is toxic, yellowing is non-toxic; garlic or rice discoloration is toxic, not discolored to remain the same color is non-toxic.

The eight is chemical identification. Take the collected or bought suspicious mushroom, take out its juice, soak it with paper, immediately add a drop of dilute hydrochloric acid or white vinegar on it, if the paper turns red or blue is toxic.

Although there are many ways to judge whether it is a poisonous mushroom, but to accurately determine whether it is a poisonous mushroom is very difficult, even many experts can not accurately judge. In order to avoid eating poisonous mushrooms, housework must be purchased at professional sales outlets.

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