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An interview with the general manager of the edible fungus industry branch

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An interview with the general manager of the edible fungus industry branch

Release date:2016-10-26 Author:朱丽军 Click:

Heilongjiang Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd: Grasp the Opportunity, Turn around and Enter the Edible Fungi Machinery Market

Since 2006, Heilongjiang Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed from an unknown "outsider" into a leading producer of edible fungi equipment in Heilongjiang Province. Its products are not only distributed in the three northeastern provinces, Xinjiang, Tibet, but also exported to Korea and Japan. This has completely reversed the dependence of local edible fungi machinery on foreign countries. The import situation has made a beautiful "turnover". Recently, the Edible Fungi Industry Branch of the Chinese Township Enterprise Association visited Guilong Company and interviewed Jia Guibo, the chairman of the board of directors. He still remembered how he had "turned" into the edible fungi industry by chance.

Edible Fungi Industry Branch: General Jia, I heard that your company has been doing petroleum machinery accessories before, then how to make edible fungi machinery equipment?

Jia general: before 2006, the dragon machinery was mainly engaged in processing petroleum machinery parts. In 2006, we received an insignificant "small work" - for a large household in Dongning mushroom cultivation processing a grinder. I've been dealing with machining for decades, and after receiving this list, I didn't simply "clone" it. Instead, I organized a scientific research team to do "reverse research and development". The cutter head replaced the screen plate and changed the fixed inlet to be adjustable... With "research and development" coming down, we successfully launched the non sieve chip saw grinder. At that time, Mudanjiang market mushroom crushers were mostly imported from South Korea in Yanbian, Jilin. Our unscreened saw crushers not only improved the efficiency of a large section than Korean crushers, but also realized the first time that the saw fineness can be adjusted. In February 2006, in the frigid Suiyang forest farm, the light roar of the non-sieve sawdust crusher made the user smile. Many big customers who visited the farm made orders for Guilong Machinery on the spot.

In 2006, the mushroom industry in Mudanjiang was at a turning point from its initial stage to its rapid development. Statistics show that the scale of edible fungi cultivation in 2005 reached 400 million bags, only a year later, the scale of edible fungi in the city exceeded 600 million bags. The growing scale of cultivation, behind the mushroom equipment demand, and in Mudanjiang, the relevant production enterprises are almost a blank. Seeing this, in 2006, we started walking on two legs: completing orders for petroleum accessories and putting more effort into the development and production of mushroom machinery.

By 2008, the sales volume of non-sieve saw crusher developed by our company has exceeded 700 sets, occupying most of the market in Mudanjiang and Yanji. It was also in this year that our enterprise completely changed production and the enterprise was renamed Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd.

Edible Fungi Industry Branch: Your company from the edible fungi industry "layman" developed into today's Heilongjiang Province edible fungi equipment manufacturing leading enterprises, made proud achievements, how did your company enter the market?

Jia: At the beginning of the enterprise's transformation, we established the development concept of "establishing brand by quality and establishing market by honesty". In order to ensure product quality, we not only passed the ISO quality system certification in the city's edible fungi equipment manufacturing enterprises, but also extended this process control to supporting enterprises. For several faulty solder joints, I asked the joint venture to review the whole batch of products and rework, because the high temperature sterilization warehouse door sheet metal is not beautiful, I once and partners blushed.

Into the mushroom industry, our main customers from the original large-scale oil field enterprises into a household of mushroom farmers, in order to better serve customers, every sale of a mushroom production machinery we have to write down the customer's phone, three days to the customer return visit, ask how the equipment debugging, good What improvements can be made? In the winter of 2010, a mushroom farmer at the Little North Lake Forest Farm in Tokyo City bought a bagging machine from us, and the commissioning of the equipment was always unsatisfactory. In the morning, the phone call came from the farmer's farm. I arrived at the forest farm with my technician at noon. Inside and outside, technicians changed the main parts of the equipment from head to toe. Finally, it was found that the instability of the voltage in the mountain area caused the equipment to stop and start. But when the farmers tried to return the goods, I left the equipment back to the factory without saying a word.

The accident also brought us "unexpected harvest", we began to close the door to think about equipment, and then launched a low-voltage food fungus bagging machine for forest areas, this product is deeply loved by mountain and forest customers, not only opened the Mudanjiang forest mushroom market, the product also sold to the Great Hinggan Mountains. At the same time.

Edible Fungi Industry Branch: Now the market competition of edible fungi machinery is becoming more and more fierce. What is your company's development plan?

General Jia: In order to run the enterprises well, private entrepreneurs should not only focus on making money, but must always pay attention to the national policy orientation, adapt to the latest changes in the market, and take the initiative to assume social responsibility. We will adjust the business strategy and product structure at any time according to the market changes. In the case of continuous expansion of production scale and relatively tight liquidity, the company will actively explore the new mode of "Internet +" development, hoping to make the production equipment of snow city edible fungus like "the world black wood ear capital" in Mudanjiang, even in the whole country. The global market is booming.



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