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"Gui long" goes to Mudanjiang daily again.

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"Gui long" goes to Mudanjiang daily again.

Release date:2016-10-27 Author:刘海斌 Click:

High tech equipment dream world black Auricularia

Heilongjiang GUI long edible fungus Equipment Co., Ltd. seize the opportunity to plan for development

In September, orders from more than 20 provinces and regions across the country, South Korea and Thailand increased sharply. Workers of Heilongjiang Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd. in Aimin District worked overtime until 6 or 7 p.m. every day. Jia Guibo, 63, general manager of the company, was awarded the honor of "Full-time Workers Innovative Bidder" by the provincial General Trade Union this year. The title of reputation. Under the pressure of greater economic downfall, how can "Gui long" seize opportunities and speed up development? How do business operators fight hard in the first half of the year? Reporters interviewed with questions.

Innovation becomes the cornerstone of enterprise development

Splashing welding flowers, a fast rotating lathe and the hazy moonlight outside the window set off each other, becoming a microcosm of the prosperity of today's "Guilong" company. Talking about market development, Jia Guibo Rujiazhen: At present, the company's product sales area has basically covered the whole country from the northeast. Last week, he went to Guangxi and Yunnan and got back many orders. Korean businessmen ordered more than 400,000 yuan worth of bagging machine, Thai businessmen ordered two sets of bags worth 800,000 yuan. As the sole "Heilongjiang Patent Advantage Cultivation Enterprise" in the field of state-level high-tech enterprises and edible fungi processing equipment, Jia Guibo is getting busier and busier.

"In recent years, China's mushroom industry has been developing rapidly, many manufacturers have turned to produce mushroom equipment, the market competition is very fierce." Jia Guibo said that "Guilong" regards scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone of the enterprise's take-off, adopts high-salary hiring scientific and technological personnel to form enterprise research team, cooperates with Northeast Agricultural University and Automation Research Institute of the Provincial Academy of Sciences, and develops 12 series of more than 40 new products. Last August it became the national edible fungus equipment industry technology. Innovation strategy alliance vice chairman unit. Since this year, the enterprise has five new products obtained the national patent certificate, liquid bacteria automatic inoculator and other three new products into the experimental stage, firmly grasped the initiative in market competition.

Breakout efforts are at the forefront of industry development.

In the interview, Jia Guibo mentioned the word "breakthrough" twice, indicating that an enterprise should strive to stand at the forefront of industry development and strive for greater growth space.

In early 2006, the private enterprise founded by Jia Guibo met an order from Dongning Auricularia auricula cultivators for a non-sieve sawdust grinder with a value of 3,000 yuan, which is negligible compared with the purchase of more than 100,000 yuan and several hundred thousand yuan in the oil field. However, Jia Guibo saw a rising market. After tackling key problems in science and technology, they produced products that satisfied customers. The 2008 financial crisis, the international oil prices continued to decline, the demand for oil machinery affected, "Guilong" sieve-free saw crusher sales exceeded 700, "smooth breakthrough" after the enterprise renamed Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd.

In the next few years, "Guilong" Company seized the opportunity of vigorously supporting poor counties to develop the edible fungi industry, and achieved rapid development. From 2013 till now, the scale, intensive and factory management of edible fungi industry has become a major trend in China. Many manufacturers in the machinery industry have changed production of edible fungi equipment, and the profit of conventional products is slim. Guilong Company adheres to the strategy of "no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no A series of new products, such as wrapping machine, break through the encirclement again and develop rapidly. Now it has become the equipment supplier of large edible fungi manufacturers in Dongning and other places.

Project "two entrepreneurial dreams" in the year of flowering

"Mudanjiang has seen a number of national and provincial edible fungi industrial parks this year. Large and high-end equipment is used more and more. However, due to the limited processing capacity of enterprises and the limited area of the factory, it is clear that orders from home and abroad are pouring in, and sometimes it is not dared to sign contracts." Jia Guibo said that due to the sales market at home and abroad, this year's "Guilong" company sales revenue is expected to increase by about 30% year-on-year, is ushering in another period of rapid growth.

According to Jia Guibo's assumption, the best way out for enterprises to develop at a high speed is to build factories in different places, so as to double the production scale. At the same time, Jia Guibo actively explores the new mode of "Internet +" development. This year the company recruited two university graduates to carry out online marketing, with online orders and national exhibitions, products in domestic and foreign markets in short supply.

The spirit of self-improvement and pioneering spirit has been vividly reflected in this year's entrepreneur. Talking about the future plan, Jia Guibo hopes to smoothly realize the "second pioneering dream" and continue to upgrade the scale of operation and product grade of edible fungi production equipment in Xuecheng. Like Mudanjiang, the "capital of black fungus in the world", Jia Guibo hopes to make a sound in the national and even global markets.

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