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GUI long takes part in the theme forum of mushroom industry development

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GUI long takes part in the theme forum of mushroom industry development

Release date:2016-11-12 Author:刘海斌 Click:

The 12th National Mushroom Requirements Exposition and Development Forum of Mushroom Industrialization was held in Langfang, Hebei Province from November 9 to 11. The theme of this exhibition is "Promoting scientific and technological innovation, stimulating market vitality, and promoting industrial linkage." Heilongjiang Guilong Edible Fungi Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition.

At the fungus fair, Guilong exhibited the "black fungus bag socket stick insertion machine", and on-site demonstration for visitors, due to the beautiful appearance of the product, simple operation, convenient, attracted a large number of onlookers, everyone showed strong interest, at the same time, so efficient and convenient products were amazed. Some of the old customers who used GUI long products praised the products of GUI long.

Every time we attend the exhibition, we get a harvest. By studying with experts and communicating with customers, we can distinguish the future market development trend, understand the needs of customers more comprehensively, and have full confidence in the development prospects of the edible fungi industry.

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