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Difference between inoculating box and inoculating machine

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Difference between inoculating box and inoculating machine

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The difference between inoculating box and inoculating machine is:

Vaccination box is a traditional way of inoculation, it is not easy to operate, and each time the need for fumigation of drugs, to the staff is harmful. The inoculator is also divided into many kinds, simple ionic air type inoculator, can be placed on the table, can be 25 cm in front of the area can be reached sterile state, easy to inoculate and other operations. There are also suitable for working vaccination, 100-grade purification inoculator, vaccination space to achieve 100-grade purification, to achieve pollution-free vaccination, to ensure the vaccination rate.

Inoculator is a kind of edible fungi cultivation and production machinery equipment, generally including purification, transmission, lighting, transfer and other functions, has multiple designs.

Inoculating machine

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