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How does letinous edodes vaccination machine work?

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How does letinous edodes vaccination machine work?

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How does letinous edodes inoculum work?

First, close vaccination. Increasing the germination point of Tilia amurensis, the area of the germination point was larger, and the mycelium could be soaked into Tilia amurensis in a short time. Gas exchange between Tilia amurensis and the outside world mainly depends on water absorption and evaporation. Alternating moisture movement can make the inside of Tilia amurensis get enough oxygen, make the mycelium deep into the feeding of Tilia amurensis, thus accelerating the maturity of Tilia amurensis, and reducing the probability of infection by miscellaneous fungi.

Two. Early inoculation. It is not suitable to inoculate the spores of the hybrids early because of their small density and low activity under low temperature. Lentinus edodes mycelium can be planted at low temperature, and has strong resistance, strong mycelium growth and high survival rate, so it is suitable for early inoculation.

Three. Deep inoculation. Deep planting is more suitable for drought prevention, and it can reduce the bottom part of the seed hole by the stimulation of external temperature difference. The mycelium germinated rapidly and the survival rate was improved under the condition of constant temperature and humidity. Deep burrowing can increase the tangential depth of wood, so that the mycelium can absorb more adequate nutrients, and the yield will be greatly increased.

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