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The mushroom industry brings real benefits to farmers.

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The mushroom industry brings real benefits to farmers.

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Summer is approaching, the weather is getting hotter, reporters approached the Jiwen Forest Bureau Jiwen Conservation Center Auricularia cultivation base, saw piles of sawdust piled like hills, bags of fungus sticks arranged in order, a fungus fragrance refreshing. Smiling cadres and workers pack bags, receive germs, transport, put bags in the bag... Wandering in this edible fungus industrial belt, we feel the benefits brought by the edible fungus industry to the local people.

Yang Dezhong, director of the management and conservation institute, said that stopping commercial harvesting of natural forests in an all-round way has become a new task of economic development in the new normal forest area. With the support of policy and fund, the Forestry Bureau has gradually increased the enthusiasm of the staff to cultivate Auricularia auricula.

In 2013, Givin took a voluntary stake in cultivating 150,000 bags of black fungus planted in bags, and everyone received a dividend. Last year, they expanded the cultivation scale, cultivating 200,000 bags of black fungus, 30,000 bags of slippery mushroom, sold out before the Spring Festival. At the same time, more than 2,000 square meters of cool sunshine sites have been built, 150 square meters of new buildings have been built, and bagging machines, inoculating machines, nesting machines, punching machines and other equipment have been introduced, covering a total area of 45 mu. They also used full-day light cultivation technology and high-quality strains as well as small hole technology and micro-spraying technology, which greatly improved the yield and quality of Auricularia auricula. This year, they are expected to cultivate 250,000 bags of edible fungi and 2,000 bags of Ganoderma lucidum in bags, further expanding the scale and variety.

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Zhang Hongwei, the head of the base, pointed to a bottle of fungi on the shelf and said, "Auricularia species are very suitable for breeding in high temperature places. Everyone looks forward to the growth of the fungi like a child. By May, these cultured bacteria will be planted in the woodlands, and black fungus will be picked in July, and people will have to be busy counting their money.

Bags of small edible fungi are gradually becoming the "gold industry" for Jiwen Forestry Bureau to transform and develop, increase revenue and increase efficiency. Edible fungi not only make a brand new industry, but also make people taste the taste of getting rich.

Talking about mushrooms, Li Shuren, a big planter, smiled. "Last year, I planted more than 20,000 catties of mushrooms. The price of fresh mushrooms was between 2.3 and 3.3 yuan per catty. The price of dried mushrooms was higher. Excluding labor costs and other expenses, net income can reach 70 thousand yuan. It is understood that this year, there are four staff members of the nursery to join the ranks of mushroom cultivation, and prepare to establish a mushroom cooperative, and then establish a slippery mushroom processing plant, strive to make this project bigger and stronger.

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