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Fully promoting the mechanization of edible fungi - Wo Kou machine

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Fully promoting the mechanization of edible fungi - Wo Kou machine

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In recent years, people have paid great attention to the mechanization of edible fungi. More than 20,000 sets of fungi machinery are needed. The market value of the county's fungi machinery includes crushers, sifters, mixers, bagging machines, receptacle machines, sterilization pans, inoculation platforms, punching machines and micro-spraying equipment is nearly 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, . Therefore, the market demand and sales prospect of mechanical equipment for bacteria are considerable.

First, scientifically plan the layout and highlight a center and two key points. One center is the large market of fungi materials in Wanlugou, and the other is the enterprise of bacteria-encapsulated equipment. Three fungus plants, 14 fungus production machinery plants and 29 fungus pack plants were allocated and developed rationally, and all of them were included in the layout, thus forming a mechanized enterprise for the whole process of fungus planting.

Two, mobilize enterprises to enter the park and speed up the development of second production. Recently, 11 agricultural machinery workers, such as extension, guidance and repair departments, were invited to visit 20 manufacturers of wood headphones and agricultural machinery. Emphasis is laid on investigating whether the enterprises agree to enter the industrial park for production, conveying the spirit of the conference in the county, mobilizing the machinery manufacturing enterprises to enter the industrial park, increasing production projects, expanding the production scale of the bacterial machine, and urging the production enterprises to register and certify the products as soon as possible so as to standardize and scale their production. . In the aspect of national policy information, enterprises should be given support to strive for the inclusion of the production machinery in the provincial purchasing subsidies list. This work is actively under way.

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At present, the peak of bacteria production has gradually entered, and it is also the peak season for production and sales of production enterprises. Agricultural machinery departments, by grasping the opportunity for fungus machinery enterprises to enter the park, further release the vitality of fungus machinery enterprises, expand the scale of production, let our county fungus machinery enterprises accelerate development, promote the full mechanization of the development of edible fungus, as soon as possible to achieve the county covered by fungus machinery, occupy the northeast, leading the country's Grand goal.

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