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Cultivation of edible fungi is suitable for the development level of rural areas.

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Cultivation of edible fungi is suitable for the development level of rural areas.

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First, short cycle, less investment and quick results.

Lentinus edodes production, from inoculation to harvest, a cycle of less than 3-5 months, compared with the cultivation of perennial fruit trees, tea, sericulture, seedlings, medicinal materials, and even some vegetables, the cycle is shorter, faster effect. And the capital input, is also generally affordable to farmers, to cultivate 10,000 sticks per household, the investment is no more than 10,000 yuan.

Two. Technology is easy to understand and easy to operate.

It can make full use of the labor force of men and women in the family, especially the whole operation process can be completed independently within a household. In addition, the mature edible fungi machinery on the market now has no operation difficulties and technical secrets. In propaganda, promotion and popularization, letinous edodes is not more difficult to produce, process and store than vegetables and fruits.

Three, artificial controlled light, heat, water and gas.

Compared with the open-field cultivation of general agricultural products more vulnerable to wind, rain, frost, freeze and even dry, drought, Lentinus edodes are confined to a mushroom shed, easy to carry out temperature, humidity, light control, can avoid or reduce the harm of natural disasters. In this regard, the letinous edodes industry is easy to become an industrialized farming industry with high technology content in rural areas.

Pit and mouth machine

Four, the market risk is relatively small.

In the era of commodity economy, any product inevitably has market risks, and letinous edodes is no exception. However, compared with some agricultural products, they must be sold in fresh form in a timely manner, and letinous edodes can be dried. Some commodities are large in quantity and low in value, while Lentinus edodes are of high value per unit weight, and can be stored for a long time at low temperatures ranging from 0 4. Judging from the market risk probability of various agricultural products in recent more than 10 years, letinous edodes is the least.

Five, can promote the development of other fungi.

Lentinus edodes production technology, machinery and equipment, and even raw materials, can be suitable for such as Pleurotus ostreatus, fungus, abalone mushroom, tea tree mushroom, Agaricus blazei mushroom, Agaricus blazei, grey tree flower, white spirits mushroom, Flammulina velutipes and other production. All these edible fungi are rich in nutrition, and the market is increasing. Once farmers have mastered the mushroom cultivation technology, as into the kingdom of edible fungi, can be freely horizontal, display skills. (from China letinous edodes cultivation and market)

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