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Key points for winter management of edible fungus equipment

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Key points for winter management of edible fungus equipment

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It is known that the winter temperature is cold, the growth of mycelium and fruiting body is slow, the respiration intensity is low, the quantity of mushroom is small, but the mushroom meat is thick and the quality is good. The mushroom farmers should seize the good opportunity of large market demand and high selling price of winter mushrooms during the Spring Festival, take decisive measures to strive for more mushrooms, produce good mushrooms, and achieve better economic benefits. In management, we should focus on the following points:


 First, raise the temperature of the mushroom bed and create conditions for mushroom growing. Cold winter, natural temperature is not conducive to mushroom, sunny morning can be stripped of shelter, rely on natural sunlight and mycelium itself to increase the temperature of the shelter. In cloudy days and nights, shading net or straw curtain should be added to the shed to prevent frost and freeze. If conditions permit, a film can be covered outside the shed, so that the insulation effect will be better. After adopting the above measures, the temperature in the shed can be increased by 5--10 C, and it can still be exported in cold winter. Two, replenishment and humidity control, keep warm and prevent cold. After producing letinous edodes, the bacteria stick lost more water. Only 50--60% of the original weight should be replenishment at the right time. Open the shed door to ventilate for 3 - 4 days before water supply. When water supply is supplied, the needle is injected into the bacterial rod. With the help of the pressure of the pump, the bacterial rod can absorb enough water in a short time. The water source should be clean and temperate well water. The principle of spraying water is: spray water, mushrooms for a long time to spray, mushroom less time less spray, bud stage more spray, harvest less spray. Three, pay attention to ventilation, avoid cold wind attack. After the mushroom bud occurs, breathing is vigorous, if the air is not circulating, carbon dioxide deposits too much, it will inhibit the formation and growth of fruiting bodies. Ventilation is controlled before and after the high temperature at noon. The time is 10--20 minutes. In and out of the shed, we will move in and out of the shed to prevent the cold and cold wind from attacking.

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