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Our company takes part in Sanmenxia international mushroom new product and technology exposition.

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Our company takes part in Sanmenxia international mushroom new product and technology exposition.

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On the morning of April 11, 2018, our company participated in China (Sanmenxia) International Edible Fungi New Products and New Technologies Exposition and Morchella Rare Edible Fungi Industry Development Forum, the conference was held in Sanmenxia International Cultural City, Henan Province. During the meeting, the leaders of the management departments of the main producing areas of edible fungi, the heads of relevant enterprises, the researchers of the scientific research institute and the chairman of the board of directors of Jia Guibo conducted in-depth exchanges and enthusiastic discussions on the supply of equipment such as raw materials mixing and bagging pits, product distribution and brand building in the field of edible fungi industrialization. The future development of the enterprise, the current market situation, the development prospects of edible fungi equipment and the future direction of research and development. During the exhibition, our company also reached a strategic cooperation intention with the Nanjing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Animal Husbandry Research Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Chairman Jia Guibo also reached an intentional contract with the bosses of edible fungi industry from all over the country who came to the exhibition. During the meeting, Chairman Jia Guibo was evaluated by the organizing committee. Ten awards for "craftsman spirit" were selected.

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