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Features and advantages of multifunctional crusher

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Features and advantages of multifunctional crusher

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Features of multifunctional crusher

1. Reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality, simple structure, easy operation, small size, occupying less land, labor and electricity saving features.

2. The design of automatic control heating device can randomly adjust the dry and humidity of materials to ensure the stability of the discharging molding and improve the work efficiency.

Three, the main parts of the wear-resistant materials are specially treated, so they can be continuously pressed for production and durable.

4. It is suitable for pressing and moulding of various biomass raw materials (corn stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk, rice straw, rice husk, peanut husk, corn cob, branch, leaf, sawdust and other agricultural products as raw materials or woodwork waste materials).

Multifunctional grinder

The advantages of multifunctional crusher

1. automatic mechanical feeding: easy and quick operation and high production efficiency.

2. stable operation: drum type, continuous crushing, and dynamic balance treatment, safe and reliable.

3. Durable: Steel structural components, solid and reliable material selection, using high-power self-aligning bearing, long service life.

4. Low cost: low power; excellent material selection, double-sided blade, life up to 500 to 1000 hours, and can be repeated grinding.

5. mobile convenience: we can produce trailing mobile grinder according to the requirements of customers, which is convenient for field production.

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