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Use of drying box for edible fungus

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Use of drying box for edible fungus

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There are many kinds of dehydration and drying technology for edible fungi. In order to make mushroom shape round, mushroom cover thick edge, mushroom pleat color bright yellow, rich fragrance, moisture content to 12% of the export standards, we must grasp the following links:

First, pick and ship. The spores should be picked when they are eight-ripe and unumbrella-opened, and the spores have not yet spread out. The fragrance and quality of the dried spores are high; no water spraying is allowed before harvest, and the spores should be put in the bamboo basket after harvest.

Two, air drying and shears. Fresh mushrooms should be placed on the bamboo curtain in the dry and dry place in time to speed up the evaporation of the surface water. After drying, according to the market requirements, generally according to no-cut handle, half-cut mushroom handle, full-cut mushroom handle three ways respectively, while removing debris and other debris and broken mushrooms.

Drying box for edible fungus

Three. Classification, installation and baking. It is required to be harvested on that day and baked on the same day. Fresh mushrooms are classified according to size, thickness and shape. The stalks of mushrooms are evenly discharged in the upper curtain and slightly worse in the lower curtain. In order to prevent the metabolism of Lentinus edodes cells from intensifying during the baking process, causing the mushroom cover to stretch out the umbrella, whitening the color and reducing the quality, the air-conditioned mushroom can be heated to 38-40 C before the fresh mushroom is put on the shelf.

Four, master the heat. The water content of letinous edodes after harvest is as high as 90%. Start-up operation specifications: in the ignition temperature at the same time, start the exhaust fan, so that the heat source evenly into the drying room. When the temperature rises to 35 ~ 38 C, the curtain of fresh mushroom is put into the drying room, which makes the mushroom shrink, increases the curling degree and the thickness of mushroom meat, and improves the quality of mushroom. Temperature control of drying room: 38-40 C in the first to fourth hours, 40-45 C in the fourth to eighth hours, and 8-12 hours.

The temperature ranges from 45 50, from 50 53 for 12 16 hours, from 55 for 17 hours and from 18 hours to 60 for drying.

Five, pay attention to drainage and ventilation. With the evaporation of moisture in the mushroom body, the poor ventilation in the drying room will cause the humidity to rise, resulting in the gray-brown color and quality decline. Operational requirements: 1-8 hours to open all the wet window, 8-12 hours to maintain about 50% ventilation, 10-15 hours to maintain 30% ventilation, 16 hours after the mushroom body has been basically dry, can close the wet window.

When the lid of the mushroom is pressed on the nail tip and feels hard with a little fingernail marks and turns noisily, it indicates that the mushroom is dry enough to leave the room, cool, pack and transport.

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